Founder Speak: For Ritu Soni Srivastava Fundraising is a Means of Survival

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As part of the "Founder Speak" series, we spoke to Ritu Soni Srivastava and talked to her about her starting up days, how she dealt with failure, how she dreamt big, how she approached fundraising and more.

Ritu Soni Srivastava's, ObiNo is a health app that helps you lose weight and get healthy by explaining to you why you need to do what you need to.

Ritu's journey started 8 years ago when she became pregnant. At the time, she had a high-profile job of leading the Brand team at Bharti Airtel. She tells us that during her pregnancy, she put on 25 kg. It was through her journey of weight loss that the seeds of her business idea began to be formed. Since then she has grown her business, received two rounds of funding, and now has over 50 employees.

I take failure personally because how I respond to it says something about who I am.

 Let's hear it from her:

 Why I Dream Big 

Dreams are dreams, big or small. They take equal courage to dream and equal effort to achieve.
You might as well dream big then :)

 How I Deal With Failure 

I used to take failure personally like it said something about who I was. But now I take failure personally, because how I respond to it says something about who I am.

Does Fundraising Matter 

She was in her late thirties when she founded the business with 13 years of work experience and a kid. She was rejected by 41 investors, before she got funding. So Ritu says, Survival matters. Fundraising is a means of survival. Not necessarily the best or the easiest. Simply the means to an end.

 My Advice To A New Entrepreneur

This is the craziest ride you will ever be on. Enjoy the lows as much as you love the highs. One means nothing without the other.

So there you have it -- learn from the best, don't be afraid to dream big, and jump in and implement that great idea of yours!

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