Founder of Mumbai Moms, Neha Kare Says Efforts Matter More Than Outcomes

In our continuing campaign series #WisdomOfMoms, here’s one from a mother who interacts with mothers every single day. Neha Kare remembers what her mother taught her and how those salient learnings have stayed with her forever. 

“My mom taught me many things. However, the best lesson she taught me wasn’t a funny mom’ism. My mother taught me to stay focussed on setting a good example. She taught me to be nice to other people. She wanted me to try at every stage, to see things from others’ perspective. Forgiveness was a core learning for us. She taught us to forgive and to always try your hardest.

Neha Kare Mumo Unimo

As someone who founded and heads one of the world’s largest mommy communities, these lessons have kept me sane. They have stay with me and kept me grounded. They definitely bring me more peace every single day. Mothers teach you to pass on your lessons. Now for my children, the one advice I give my kids is to “just try.” Because as long as I was trying, no matter what the outcome, at least I was doing my best. And that’s really what matters in the end.

I suppose my twins will always remember me as a mom who taught them that “Efforts are more important than results.”

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