In 2008, Shailini Amin ventured into ‘Moral Fibre Fabrics’ — a venture which promotes the Khadi tradition, handcrafted fabric. The venture has created work opportunities for over 3,000 workers — mainly women living in remote villages of Gujarat.

As part of our Founder Speak series, Shailini tells us about her dreams, her story and how she overcame failure.

Why I Dream Big

Most of our social, national and global actions start when someone somewhere is ‘touched’ profoundly by something . When an emotion/thought is followed by passion and committed action, it grows big.

When a personal belief and passion finds a ‘connect’, locally and globally, it becomes a collective dream and a movement. My small dream then becomes a big dream

How I Deal With Failure 

Failure, according to me, is a negative response to a situation. When we see a situation as a failure alone, then I believe we refuse to see it in 360 degrees — considering all aspects of it. I have found a germ of success hiding behind  failures.  

 Does Fund-Raising Matter?

Fund raising matters. It has an equal weightage as creating a platform, finding the right team and planning/managing the initiative effectively for best results.

 My Advice To A New Entrepreneur

I am not a great one to give advice… My passion, belief, commitment, hard work and learning new things all the time gets me going. I suppose that is all I can say!

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