The Delhi High Court today acquitted former TV anchor and producer Suhaib Ilyasi, serving life imprisonment for killing his first wife, Anju. The incident happened 18 years ago.

No evidence on record to sustain conviction: Bench

A Bench of Justice S Muralidhar and Justice Vinod Goel allowed the appeal. The 52-year-old Ilyasi had challenged his conviction and life imprisonment sentence. The bench has set aside the trial court order convicting Ilyasi. The judges held that there was no evidence against him. They observed that the prosecution too failed to establish the murder charges.

The trial court had sentenced Ilyasi on December 20, 2017, after which the police took him into custody. He had been awarded  life term for stabbing his wife to death. It stated that Ilyasi “committed murder and gave it a colour of suicide”. The court had also ordered him to pay Rs 10 lakh to his wife’s parents. Last year, while being led out of court, he shouted along the way that he was innocent and the life sentence was an injustice.

The former TV anchor had shot to fame after hosting TV crime show – ‘India’s Most Wanted’.

His wife, Anju Ilyasi, had died in a hospital on January 11, 2000, of multiple stab wounds. The family had rushed her to the hospital when they found her at home, in east Delhi, in such a state. Suhaib Ilyasi was only arrested on March 28. He was charged only after his wife’s mother and sister alleged that he often tortured her for dowry.

The judge, during the trial court sentencing, had said that the evidence suggested that Ilyasi, at the prime of his career, was afraid his wife would expose his alleged acts of fraud. The court also noted that Anju had decided to leave Ilyasi and settle down in Canada.

The court had later granted him interim bail and he was out for four weeks to take care of his second wife, who was unwell.

Photo credit: Deccan Chronicle

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