Former US Prez George H.W. Bush Accused Of Groping Women

George HW Bush

Megan Elizabeth Lewis has come forward to accuse former US President George H.W. Bush of groping her during a photo op. This is the eighth woman who has accused Bush of groping her.

Bush had reportedly groped Lewis during a photo op at a Houston Performance of ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’. Lewis said that she had asked Bush for a photo and he had grabbed her buttocks as they posed.

“I remember being really grossed out.” Lewis recalled. “I was just disappointed. You just implied to me that you love your wife very much.”

She said she rationalized the moment to herself at that moment, by saying they were moving closer together for the photo and so “it was probably an accident”.

Another woman, who is from Michigan, has also told CNN that Bush touched her buttocks during a photo op, during his campaign for re-election in 1992. She had been attending a campaign fundraiser in Dearborn, Michigan.

“We got closer together for a family photo and it was like ‘Holy crap!’” she recalled. “It was like a gentle squeeze.”

Bush has claimed that the incidents were the harmless result of him being confined to a wheelchair. However, some women, including Roslyn Corrigan, said that Bush groped her when she was 16, and he wasn’t wheelchair-bound.

“OK, but he wasn’t old when it happened to me,” she said.

Other women include best-selling author Christina Baker Kline. She was groped by Bush when she was invited to Houston as a guest author for the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy fundraiser

“It doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” she said. “Not every man does this, but if he does it, he usually does it more than once. Someone doesn’t just grab a woman’s butt out of the blue that hasn’t done it before.”

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