How Sushma Swaraj Won Twitter Over With Her Wit

Remembering former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj with some of her choicest tweets that won our hearts.

Anushika Srivastava
Aug 08, 2019 05:40 IST
Sushma Swaraj tweets

BJP stalwart Sushma Swaraj’s demise left the entire nation in great shock and grief. Not only adored in India, but she was also one of the most respected female leaders in the world. She gave the External Affairs Ministry an image makeover, by helping and providing quick response to those who needed help. Her way of addressing people’s problems on Twitter gained applaud from the entire nation, and gradually, she became one of the most sought after Indian politicians on social media.


She is not only known for solving problems in her own way but is also known for sometimes dealing with tweets in her own witty replies. Here are the top tweets by her, that left the nation laughing and sometimes, made it to the headlines too.

Even If You’re Stuck On The Mars, Indian Embassy There Will Help You

This is probably the wittiest of her tweets and the Twitterati couldn’t keep calm over it. A man in 2016 tried trolling the then External Affairs Minister by saying that he was stuck on Mars and that he needs urgent help. The tweet read, “ @shushmaswaraj I am stuck on Mars, food sent via Mangalyaan (987 days ago) is running out. When will Mangalyaan 2 be sent.” To this, Swaraj replied saying that the Indian Embassy will help you even if you’re stuck on Mars.


Brother I cannot help you in matters of a Refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress. - Sushma Swaraj on Twitter.

Sushma Skips Oath Ceremony

In 2016, Sushma Swaraj couldn’t attend the swearing-in ceremony of 19 ministers since she was engaged in diplomatic affairs. Thus, she tweeted, “Media-Pl avoid the headline: Sushma skips oath ceremony”. This she tweeted two hours before the ceremony and the twitter again went mad over her way of keeping the media in the loop.

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When A Man Complaint About His Refrigerator

When a man tagged her in a tweet, asking her to help him in the matter of faulty refrigerator, she replied saying, “Brother I cannot help you in matters of a Refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress.”

The Computer Is Guilty Of Separating You

In 2018,  a man tweeted about how his wife and he had been put into different batches for the Man Sarovar Yatra. To this, Swaraj replied, “ The computer is guilty of separating you. But don’t worry, we will send you both in the same batch.” The man had expressed his concern that his wife won’t be able to undertake the yatra alone.

Even If You’re Stuck On The Mars, Indian Embassy There Will Help You. - Sushma Swaraj on Twitter

Intezar Kyun? Lijiye Block Kar Diya!

A well known twitter user Sonam Mahajan had tweeted out to Sushma Ji saying, “ @sushmaswaraj I was once your fan and fought against those who abused you. Ab aap please mujhe bhi block karke inaam dijiye, intezaar rahega.” To this, Sushma ji replied, “Intezar Kyun? Lijiye Block kar diya!”

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There’s Nothing Like ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’

A student from J&K who was studying in the Philippines, had tweeted to Sushma Swaraj saying, “ I am a student from J&K doing medicine course here in Phillippines. My passport got damaged. I applied for it around one month ago, I request you to please help me.” The student had however written in his profile that he belonged to Indian Occupied Kashmir. The BJP leader indeed responded to his tweet but she also pointed out,”  If you are from J&K state, we will definitely help you. But your profile says you are from 'Indian occupied Kashmir'. There is no place like that.” Later, the student changed his details in the profile and the Foreign Minister tweeted to Indian embassy saying, “He is an Indian national from J&K, Please help him.”

It’s Me, Not My Ghost

When a person tried speculating as to how can a minister have such an amazing sense of humour, and hence tweeted, “Certainly it’s not Sushma Swaraj who is doing this tweets. Some PR guy is doing his / her duty for what they are being paid for !!”. Swaraj's response to this? “Rest assured, It’s me, not my ghost.”

I Should Stop Being Humorous

On being compared to Rahul Gandhi for being humorous, her instant reply was, “ Then I should stop being humorous.” To this, one of the followers responded saying, “ Respectfully disrespected.”

I Have Learn English Of All Accent

When a man reached out to Swaraj for help, he got mocked in the comments for his poor English by a troll, who said. “ Bhai Hindi ya Punjabi me likh deta(Brother you could've written in Hindi or Punjabi), the then Foreign Minister replied to him saying, “There is no problem. After becoming Foreign Minister, I have learnt to follow English of all accents and grammar.”

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