Five Young Women Who Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

five young women inspire

While a lot of us think of starting a venture of our own, we rarely seem to implement it. It may be because society tells you you are way too young to be taken seriously, or it brings out its weapon of gender bias. Whatever might be the challenges, there are some young female entrepreneurs in our country who are changing the startup scenario. Here are five young superwomen who will unfailingly inspire you to follow your dreams:

Jannat Behl, Babble Me

Started in 2015, by Jannat Behl, Babble Me provides online therapy for better mental health. After completing her higher studies from the UK, Jannat felt the need to spread awareness about mental health in India. It strives to make the struggle with common mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress a little easier. The platform connects you to a therapist according to your requirements and maintains your anonymity.

Afreen Ansari, My Child App

“Never let anybody tell you that you’re too young to be an entrepreneur because there is no limit for starting up. So if you have an idea which you think will make a difference in this world and will be able to sustain your career and life, start today,” says Afreen Ansari.  Along with her college friend Harsh, Ansari started the My Child App when they were only 19. Featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, my Child App is an awareness platform for people to connect with and understand the lives and normalcy of the differently-abled community.

Sakshi Talwar, Rugs and Beyond

“I staunchly believe that there is no elevator to success. One must take the staircase,” says Sakshi Talwar, the co-founder of Rugs and Beyond. Her company empowers weavers and is a direct platform between the craftsmen and the end user. “It is an ecommerce aggregator providing ‘One of a Kind’ handmade rugs to customers worldwide.”

Japleen Pasricha, Feminism in India

“We are a young feminist group who practise intersectional feminism and amplify the voices of women and marginalized communities using tools of art, culture, new media, technology and community.” Japleen Pasricha, along with her team, faced numerous challenges on their way to make Feminism in India successful. One of them, she says is that people take digital activism lightly. She believes that they will emerge victorious.

Bistriti Poddar, Paperless Postcards

“Life has enough inspiration if we pay attention,” Poddar says. Paperless Postcards, started by Bistriti Poddar, is a quest to find real life conversations in the current times. “It examines life closely and brings to you witty, deep and thought provoking conversations that alter the rules, norms and standards,” she adds. A team of 17 writers, designers, digital marketers and strategists, this company is bringing change by infusing a real life content in the digital era.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv