Punjab’s Five-Year-Old TikTok Sensation Noor Is A Daily Wager’s Daughter

Noor tiktok star

Netizens are swooned by this little TikTok star Noorpreet Kaur, a girl disguised as a Sardar kid. Five-year-old Noor is from a village in Punjab’s Moga and has become an internet sensation in lockdown with her cheeky responses and adorable eye-rolls.

While the nation waits for her next videos, many are unaware that she is a daughter of a daily wager in Moga village.

Coming from a under privileged family, Noor’s father, Satnam Singh, works as a labourer at a brick-kiln and her mother is a homemaker.

Noor studies in Nursery at the government school in her village. Her sister goes to the village’s government primary school.

Owner of a grocery store, Sandeep Toor (23) is the brain behind the little star’s account, which acquired 5 lakh followers in just ten days. Making a TikTok star out of Noor are her sister Jashanpreet (9), Varan (a mason who plays Noor’s father/uncle), and sometimes Toor himself and other kids from the village. His TikTok account has one million followers thanks to Noor’s catchy one-liners and swoon-worthy presence. Noor’s nine-year-old sister Jashanpreet Kaur and other kids from village also feature in the videos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Noor with her cheeky responses and adorable presence has become a TikTok star.
  • Pretending to be a boy, Noor is actually a girl. She based in a village in Punjab’s Moga.
  • Five-year-old Noor’s father, Satnam Singh, works as a labourer at a brick-kiln, while her mother is a housewife.

7 lakh followers in a week

“I started making these videos with the kids for fun and did not expect to receive such a stupendous response,” Toor told Hindustan Times.

“Earlier, I had only three lakh followers on TikTok but as soon as I uploaded Noor’s videos, my following increased by seven lakhs in a week,” he added.

Talking further about Noor’s appearance as a boy, Toor explained, “Noor and her sister would come to shop frequently. Many a times, Noor, would turn up in a patka and impersonate a boy, this gave me the idea for the videos. The viewers have loved the boy with patka so much, all because of Noor.”

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A shy kid in real life

Noor comes across as a talkative kid in the videos. Speaking to The Indian Express, she said, “I study in nursery class. I like acting in these videos. I say what Sandeep uncle tells me to.”

Her sister Jashanpreet (9), however, claims, “Since our videos have gone viral, relatives and family friends who never used to speak to us are calling my parents. They are asking if they can take Noor to their home for some days but my mother has denied, at least till lockdown is there.”

A little celebrity in the village

Noor also has been approached by TV channels for interviews. “We are not letting Noor give interviews as of now. It was all for fun but now hundreds of calls are pouring in everyday. Her parents are in disbelief still that their kid has become so famous instantly but entire village is very happy,” Sandeep revealed.

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Feature Image Credit: The Indian Express

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