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When the nib of the pen touches the grainy white paper, in an unstoppable speed, a masterpiece is created. Doodle is a mindful exercise -- it relaxes the brain, puts it in a different concentration mode and creates something beautiful. It's therapeutic. Like every other art form, it requires dedication, talent and creativity for the work to stand out. When accompanied by an idea or a social message, doodling becomes a powerful medium of expression. Here's our list of five such women doodlers making a difference with their art:



Her Instagram account is a treat for one's eyes. Backing her illustrations with powerful social messages of feminism and change, Tanzeela beautifully crafts her way into a highly unequal society. Her Insta bio reads as “A hijabi doodler who brings you the quirky side of her world through her illustrations”.

Having a background in fine arts, her passion for sketching and doodling was already in place. “But it was during my masters that I started to doodle and made it my hobby.”

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On doodling, Tanzeela says, “It works wonders for me. It’s like meditation. Whenever I feel down or anxious, I always end up doodling!”

 Chitra Iyer


In a very aesthetic way, Chitra portrays her art along with her love for books on her Instagram account. On her journey as a doodler, she says, “I started drawing when I was little. I was put in a drawing course and my family was very enthusiastic about it.”

Doodling has helped her through difficult times. “It sort of saved me,” Chitra says. “Recently, when I was suffering from depression, this sort of brought me out of it. More than any therapist or meditation could ever do.”

Poonam Munshi

Her art and doodles range from beautiful illustrations of ordinary things in life to our favourite celebrities! Poonam started doodling a couple of years back.

“It started with general doodling to take my mind off the routine and to take a break.”

Poonam equates the process of doodling with meditation. “Doodling has a meditative effect on me. I find myself calmer and happier..A certain sense of high comes with completing a new doodle,” Poonam adds.


Kirthi Jayakumar

Kirthi Jayakumar is activist, artist, entrepreneur and writer from Chennai. She focused on a variant of doodling known as zen doodling and found a new way of expressing social causes. Femcyclopaedia is an art-advocacy campaign that is part of The Red Elephant Foundation founded by Kirthi. This project has combined zen doodling and historical narratives to put women back into the narratives of history.

Rashmi Tiwari

She is the founder of Aahan Tribal Development Foundation (ATDF) and a Certified Leadership Coach from NeuroLeadership Institute. As part of her anti-trafficking crusade, she has been working for the past five years with at-risk tribal girls and women in the Naxal-dominated areas of Jharkhand. Tiwari also has a flare for doodling. In her new doodle, called ‘Life’, she explains: “Life is a gift, fluid, hard or messy, everything is worth it.”

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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