Have you seen the way in which powerful and bold women conduct themselves? Oprah Winfrey’s speech, Priyanka Chopra’s airy wave or Serena Williams’ strides, these are the things that make you stop and look at them. What makes these women and many others like them badass in their lives? Their confidence, smile, walk, speech is enough to ward off all the criticism they might receive. Here are five ways to be a badass in your daily life:

Be Passionate

To be a badass, one needs to fall in love with her life. Be passionate about life in general. These powerful women have carved their spaces by showing full zeal and passion in their work. Finding passion can many a times be confusing. Find those little things in life that you crave for, that make you smile instantly. It can be dancing, music, reading, spending time with your pets, talking to strangers or simply travelling. Once you find these, hold on to them. Be passionate.

Learn to say ‘No’

Your space is really important. If you find some favours or tasks encroaching your personal space, please don’t hesitate to say ‘no’. Being selfish isn’t negative if it helps you conduct your life mindfully. Before readily agreeing to any task, take a step back, evaluate its implications and then decide. Caring about others’ feelings is a good thing. But when this takes up your entire life, you will be left with shallowness. To make the change, you have to change. To start any good work, it has to start with you. So give yourself the required pampering and don’t be ashamed to say no.

Have a surprise element

The human world is made up of interactions and connections. The way you interact with others shows a great deal about yourself. Always carry a surprise element with yourself. Call your grandmother and just listen to her. Why only celebrate birthdays, make up your own day of celebration for that person who needs some cheer. This badass quality makes you stay in the hearts of people.

Be Brave

Bravery is not always related to stunts, rescuing, climbing or jumping. It means to be brave in your own context. Stop comparing lives. It could just translate to standing up for your friend, or speaking out your opinions in front of people who don’t share your views. Bravery to you could also be facing a lizard in your house that scares the shit out of you. Your context is different and is important to you. Be a badass by being your kind of brave in every situation.

Be you, always

It’s surprising how one has to be told to be yourself in today’s era. The technology and human corruption has blurred our vision of oneself from oneself itself. Find yourself, no matter whatever it takes – yoga, meditation, therapy, music, anything. Once you do that, all the acts will be true and genuine. The lightness after shedding your other filters would make you much cooler and a badass person in your daily life. It will help you to experience moments like never before and will also push you to take your chances.

Take risks, be more confident, love yourself, be you and smile more. Being badass can be a cakewalk if you get the essence of it.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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