Five leadership qualities of the First Lady of US, Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

A lawyer and a writer by profession, Michelle grew up in Chicago and initiated her law career from Sidley Austin, Chicago. She dons the various roles of being a mother, a homemaker, a fashion icon, a role model for other women, an activist and an excellent speaker. Her new initiative, Let’s Move, encourages children to be healthy and fights against obesity at early age. ‘Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, the first lady of US is a graduate from Princeton University and Harvard  Law School, and was a power-force to help her husband in campaigning during his presidential elections. There is a lot we can learn from here.


  • Strong personality– Unlike many others, Michelle Obama’s achievements go beyond just being the wife of Barack Obama. She has broken out of that mould and works for the social issues that require her concern. The first lady of America doesn’t shy away from raising her voice for a cause. Being a mother of two, Michelle’s strength shows from the fact that she maintains her family, lives up to the duties of being the first lady and an iconic figure all too well.


  • Compassionate– Even before becoming the first lady, Michelle had always fought against inhumanity and injustices. She has been serving the society and the neighbouring communities through her ground level work since they time she left her job at Sidley and Austin. Michelle worked in Chicago’s City Hall as Assistant Commissioner of planning and development and then went to become the founder executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program that trains youth for civil service. Right now


  • Excellent orator– Michelle Obama is known for voicing her opinions for causes relating to child nutrition, women empowerment etc. Her speeches are very thoughtful and instil vigour into the people listening to them. Her delivery of keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and in 2012 has been considered significant worldwide.


  • Time Management– It is no joke being the first lady, a person needs to manage her time extremely well and Michelle leaves no stones unturned on that. Right from being a homely person and looking after her girls, Maila and Natasha, to travelling to South Asian countries to kick start an initiative to promote girl education and other places for work wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for superb time management. She even managed her time between campaigning for Barack Obama and her home while not missing campaigns even once.


  • Calm and Composed– She might be at the top of the world, but Mrs. Obama doesn’t let the success and the popularity get to her head. She weighs her words before speaking and maintains her composure at all times and be it anywhere. It is only recognition and praiseworthy comments for her works all over the world that she has garnered with attracting no criticism from anywhere.


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Picture Credit- My Hero