Five Female Pilots Granted Licence To Fly Planes In Saudi Arabia

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History is in the making in Saudi Arabia as its General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued licences to five women pilots. The country appears to be slowly working towards a different era of modernity and equality. Many social restrictions are easing in the deeply conservative Muslim country. Lifting the decade-long driving ban was one of the path-breaking decisions for the Arab kingdom. After getting the go-ahead to drive on roads, Saudi women will now be seen flying aircraft in the sky.

The announcement comes after a flight school in Saudi Arabia opened its doors to women, following the end of a decades-long driving ban that was lifted on June 24

Consequently, five Saudi women pilots obtained licences from the GACA on 28th August, as reported by Al Arabiya.

GACA’s licence allows the women to work as captains. They will be able to fly civilian aircraft on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

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The issuance of licences to citizens of Saudi Arabia is part of the plan of action of GACA. This move will provide women the opportunity to work in the aviation sector. This is one of the goals of the International civil aviation organization (ICAO).

According to the reports, Yasmeen Mohammad Al Maimani, one of the five Saudi female pilots who obtained pilot licence to fly commercial or private jets, said that she has completed 300 hours of flying practice in the United States after completing her training in Jordan. In 2014, Yasmeen scripted history and became the second Saudi woman to receive a commercial pilot licence from GACA.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been pushing new reforms to transform the country’s economy. These initiatives are a part his Vision 2030.

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