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Five Female Korean Stars Set to Fire Up Stage in 2021

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Over the last few years, the craze among fans for South Korean stars has only increased. The female stars with their power-packed performances on stage and screens have won hearts. The most famous actors from famous K-dramas have the advantage of their culturally reach and yet modern roles. Their personality is so much more noteworthy to just label them as beautiful. While the female pop stars hook the audience with their catchy songs, their fashion sense and energetic dance moves elevate the entertainment factor. Here are 10 female Korean stars to look forward this year: 

 Lisa Manoban

The lead rapper of Blackpink, k-pop girl band, is known for multilingual rapping talent. Whether its English, Korean, Thai, Japanese, the singer is comfortable in spitting verses in any language. She also enjoys a massive fan base which is larger than any other member of her group. Many fan videos and the ones shared by Lisa herself make the audience see a cheerful girl behind the world-famous artist. 

Jennie Kim 

Another member of the famous girl group Blackpink is admired by people for all the right reasons. She being someone who loves all things fashion, has been able to bag high-profile brand collaborations. She is also the only member in the girl group to have her solo song, which has received massive viewership on youtube and a great number of listeners on other streaming platforms. She has graced famous magazine covers, done modelling for big apparel brands and it is also said that her self-styled looks become a trend in South Korea. 

Lee Ji-Eun aka IU

IU started her musical journey at the age of 15 and this is not new for most Korean stars as they tend to start early after or, most of the times, during their training years. IU unlike many was able to release her own solo album at that age named Lost and Found. She one of the few artists who held the number one position on Billboard 100 list for weeks. Apart from writing songs and singing, IU is also an actor. Her latest movie was released in 2019 by the name Hotel del Luna. 

Son Ye-Jin 

Son Ye-Jin became a household name after her series, Crash Landing On You on Netflix made viewers go gaga over her performance, her looks, her confidence and the way she essayed the character of an independent woman. Despite its global popularity, the series is not the project of Ye-Jin’s career. She has done numerous movies in romantic genres and has swooned the audience with her delicate yet fierce personality. Whether it’s a commercial hit like The Last Princess or the critically acclaimed film like The Truth Beneath, Ye-Jin has been part of all. 

Park Soo-young aka Joy 

Joy is one of the five members of the famous korean girl group, Red Velvet. She has also been the actor in k-dramas Tempted and The Liar and His Lover. She became the recipient of K-pop Hallyu Award in 2020. The k-pop fans couldn’t stop worshipping her when she made a massive donation of 10 million won last year to help support the COVID-19 infected patients in South Korea 


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