In A First, Transgender Woman Runs For US Office

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Meet 33-year-old Danica Roem, who is the first openly transgender person to run for the Virginia statehouse. A former journalist, Danica is a Democratic candidate looking to be elected to office in the Republican US state.

“I am running to represent my life-long home area,” says Danica who hails from Manassas. “I was born here, I grew here, I’ve worked here,” she added, AFP reported

Danica, who was given the name of Dan at the time of birth, has not forgotten her working-class roots. She says her ambition to enter politics doesn’t mean that she wants to be a symbol for the LGBTQ. Her grit to contest is commendable, especially at a time when the US President has banned transgender people from serving in the military.

She feels she is liable to use her nearly a decade-long journalism background in solving some municipal issues. So Danica has opted to use the knowledge she gathered from covering local news for the ‘Gainesville Times’.

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As a journalist, Danica has met and interviewed long-time Republican incumbent Bob Marshall — who eventually became her opponent after she won the 13th district’s Democratic nomination.

Danica is also hot yoga enthusiast and metalhead. A vocalist by passion, Danica says she plays a “combination of thrash metal and melodic death metal”

When asked about how many voters she has met in her campaign for the Virginia statehouse seat, Danica replies: “Look at the inside of my shoe, ok?”

Having travelled extensively in Europe, Danica is impressed by the urban planning there. She therefore wants to implement a similar transportation network back home.

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She dislikes to be called ‘a symbolic candidate’, yet her campaign, in and outside Virginia state lines, has garnered national attention

So far, Danica has received donations from more than 6,500 people in support of her political efforts. The president of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, an organization dedicated to improving the visibility of LGBTQ people in politics, has donated $115,000 to her.

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