First Openly Transgender Woman Featured In British Vogue

Tara Khandelwal
Jan 05, 2018 06:12 IST
Paris Lees

A model, writer and campaigner is the first openly transgender woman to be featured in British Vogue. Paris Lees is included in the feature and is grateful to the magazine for her special moment.


"People at school told me I'd never be a girl, would never be pretty enough, would never be accepted -- well here I am being celebrated as a woman."

"Look how far we've come. It's insane that I could be in Vogue. A trans kid from a council estate. People at school told me I'd never be a girl, would never be pretty enough, would never be accepted WELL HERE I AM BEING CELEBRATED AS A WOMAN - IN VOGUE," she posted on social media.

Paris grew up as a boy. She grew up assuming she was gay. But at 16, she realised she wanted to live as the woman she truly was.


Response on social media 

While there was a lot of support for Paris on social media, people also criticised the decision. She has also called for Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey to take anti-trans hate crime seriously.

“I don't let these people get to me and I'd have crumbled a long time ago if I did, but I do encourage anyone who sees people making these discriminatory, hateful, hurtful comments on here to report it to Twitter. It's about time @jack started taking anti-trans hate crime seriously,” she posted.


She is a writer who has written for the Guardian, Independent, and Telegraph. She also founded a digital magazine for trans people and was the first transgender person to appear on the cover of DIVA, a magazine for lesbian and bisexual women.

Other Vogues have also been breaking boundaries. In 2017, French Vogue featured a transgender model on its cover for the first time. In 2014, American Vogue profiled trans model Andreja Pejic.

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