IAS Topper, Ira Singhal shocked at public apathy, shares her rendezvous with ‘inhumanity’

“But as I knocked and banged on the sides of at least 20 cars and waved frantically to many many more, NOT EVEN ONE stopped,” shares Ira Singhal on her Facebook profile. She is no ordinary woman. She is the topper of India’s civil service exams held earlier this year.  Singhal, who is currently an officer trainee in the Indian Administrative services was on her way back from Mussoorie when she encountered a gruesome road accident. A car had rammed into a truck. She got down to help in vacating the two persons out of the car. But as she tried to call for help from the passersby, they ignored and moved on. “Not even one stopped.”

Originally from Delhi, she was travelling with three other friends on the busy Mussoorie-Delhi highway when she noticed the accident site. She along with the locals tried to reach out to the injured in the car and pulled them out. Then in order to get them to the hospital, she shouted to the cars moving on the highway. But to her dismay none of the cars took notice of “a tiny girl asking them to help in the dark night on a busy road on the scene of a horrible accident.”

In the end, she had to call the cops who took one of the passengers with them to be attended while the other died on the spot. Singhal described the incident on her Facebook account-

Today, 4 of us were travelling down from Mussoorie to Delhi. Midway, in Muradnagar, we came across an accident. A Maruti…

Posted by Ira Singhal on Thursday, December 24, 2015

Her status exposed the inherent problem with our society right now. It also revealed was the very fact that a woman asking for help is still neglected and discarded by the general public. They not only neglected that petite, somewhat frail Singhal, but they also rejected her courage and bravery with which she wanted to help the needy. Had there been a man in the situation, probably the people would have taken it a bit more seriously and understood the intensity of it. Because, hey! In such situations, who expects a woman to take charge? We need to overthrow such structure that differentiates in gender in the time of dire need. We at SheThePeople bow to Ira for her tenacity with which she acted at the backdrop of accident.

Picture Credit- Facebook