Qatar FIFA World Cup Ambassador Calls Homosexuality ‘Damage In Mind’

FIFA Ambassador Remarks On Homosexuality
The most awaited FIFA World Cup, which is all set to commence on November 20, has started garnering attention all over and, unfortunately, it is not favourable for either the teams participating or the public looking forward to it. The tournament which will kickstart in Qatar is in the news for all the wrong reasons currently because its convoy’s ambassador has gone on to make homophobic remarks publicly. Khalid Salman Al-Muhannadi is the current ambassador and representative for the upcoming tournament. He belongs to Qatar and has played in diverse football tournaments around the world, even having participated in the 1984 Olympics.

In lieu of Khalid Salman’s remarks on homosexuality, former FIFA President Sepp Blatter said, “letting Qatar host the 2022 World Cup was a huge mistake.” Blatter was the governing body president back in 2010 when Qatar was given this responsibility. Blatter revealed that while he had voted for the US to host the 2022 world cup, the then Uefa president Michel Platini for voted for Qatar eventually.

Ambassador Khalid Salman, a former footballer, stated in the media that he believes homosexuality arises from complete damage in the mindset. Salman’s ideology has now been generating massive fury among the public and the states just a few days short of the world cup.

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FIFA ambassador remarks on homosexuality

In an interview with German broadcaster ZDF, Khalid Salman made a problematic homophobic comment on television. An official from the World Cup organising committee immediately stopped the interview the moment after Salman made these remarks. The interview was filmed in Doha.

Salman was discussing the issue of the illegality of homosexuality in Qatar with the ZDF journalist. Stating that being gay was ‘haram,’ he explained that it was forbidden by Islamic law and hence they denounced it in the state. Referring to the lakhs of people travelling to Qatar to watch the World Cup in the coming few days, Salman brought up the topic of the LGBTQIA+ community saying, “let’s talk about gays. The important thing is that everyone will accept that they come here. However, they will have to accept our rules.”

Salman further stated that he was afraid the children in Qatar could learn “something that is not good for them,” adding that homosexuality was damage arising from mindset. “It is haram. You know what haram means?” he said, telling the journalist that it meant forbidden. When questioned further on why he held such a viewpoint, Salman said, “I am not a strict Muslim but why is it haram? Because it is damaged in the mind.”

Salman condemned for his remarks 

It is a grave concern, to say the least, that an ambassador who holds a powerful position in Qatar holds alarming views. As a promoter of the world cup, which people from all over the world are visiting, his statements are irresponsible and disturbing.

Nancy Faeser, one of Germany’s ministers who visited Qatar last week, stated at a press conference in Berlin that their government has held talks with the Qatari government to ensure the safety of Germans visiting the world cup.

“While on one hand, it is about people who love other people belonging to the same sex and are proud to show it, it is also about their protection against homophobic attacks and even racist attacks,” she said, calling Salman’s statements as careless, terrible and disturbing.