What Feminism Means To You: Key Takeaways From The Feminist Conference

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Feminist Conference: Key Takeaways

An evening full of thoughtful discussions, powerful opinions and an audience glued to their seats listening to different but effective definitions of feminism is what SheThePeople's 'The Feminist Conference' witnessed. Views were exchanged about matters like the responsibility of different generations of feminists to support each other, body shaming, prejudices faced by the queer community, how cinema can empower women and the likes.


Feminism in IndiaThe speakers motivated the audience to take steps in order to change our society for better and inspired them to fight back against every injustice and prejudice that comes their way. In the discussions, our speakers said a range of things which were nothing less than inspiring.

Here are some of the powerful quotes by our speakers, which will sure empower your inner feminist :

On the contribution of social media in empowering women :

On the representation of women in Indian History:

To the women in the audience :

"We decide who we are - victim, heroine or bystander" - Apurva Purohit


Motivating the women to keep fighting against all the inequalities : "The fight is worth it. Stick to your guns." - Nirmika Singh

On facing body shaming as a blogger

On choosing to be happy despite facing body shaming

To all the heterosexuals

"We accept you the way you are and if you accept us, you are returning the favour and not doing us a favour" - Harish Iyer

On being a woman


"God gave me a woman's heart and mind even though he didn't give me a uterus. Yes, I am a woman." - Gauri Sawant

On the representation of women in Cinema :

On prejudices faced by women in the field of Comedy :

On the hardships faced while becoming a female journalist :

On maternal problems faced by women :

On showing faith in India :


"After travelling 3,800 km, I think we have a lot of hope in our country. The youth in this nation is charged, they want change." - Srishti Bakshi

On accepting the title of Diva with pride :

"If someone calls you a diva, say hell, I deserve it" – Rohini

A brown girls' guide to beauty:

The real definition of feminism:

"Feminism isn't men against women, it is men and women against the system" - Meghna Pant

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Karishma Jangid interned with SheThePeople for the Feminist Conference.

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