In this era when technology has taken over our lives in a major way and transforming it rapidly. Every day we are experiencing new innovations and initiatives being taken only with the power of technology. It makes me and all the women (I believe) out there so proud that these initiatives can even lead to movements which create awareness and stimulate discussion over feminism. Recently, a hash tag drive #WhatWomenLove did just that. It attracted some very strong comments by women.


While men came up with replies like shopping, romantic dates, cheesy pickup lines etc., women unleashed the feminists in them and tweeted some very interesting and powerful comments. This showed the strength of Indian women who dared to think beyond the ordinary and changed the concept of a fun contest into a kind of movement which drove people’s thought into the way towards feminism. Here are some of these tweets:


More and more women are able to voice their opinion and use digital to break out with thoughts and ideas that might have been buried.  What made this hashtag successful was the spotlight it put on women beyond the frivolous shopping, kittens, compliments and make up. They have their own views and stand for much bigger purposes in life and it’s time to put those ideas into motion.

Picture Credit: Social Epistemology