Twitter Thread Details How Female Reproductive Parts Are Actually Named After Men

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Who would have thought the celebration of International men’s day will also once again remind us why every day is kind of men’s day? Ironical, isn’t it? that men who tend to know almost nothing when it comes to the functioning of the female reproductive system, define the very parts of the system.

The Twitter thread revealing facts about how many women’s reproductive organs are named after men has stirred up some humorous and raging comments on the micro-blogging platform.

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Female reproductive parts named after men

Twitter handle Vagina Museum added fun to the men’s day celebration by highlighting an intriguing fact about women’s reproductive system, which has been identified by male names all along. Like we haven’t been represented by men enough, right? But here we are, facing new, humorous and aching truths about our reproductive parts, why won’t this be interesting? Let’s just get to it then.

The handle is a brick-and-mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynae anatomy. It published a thread on Twitter, which like a lot of threads on body autonomy, got viral. The thread listed details how several female reproductive parts have been named after male doctors ad researchers. Interestingly, not really surprisingly, the thread also claims that none of the gynaecological anatomy parts is named after women.

“And that is all the men after whom your bits, some of which very specific, are named.”

The thread begins with how an Italian physician named Gabriele Falloppio is the inspiration behind the naming of the fallopian tubes. The thread examines the connection between Dutch physician Regnier de Graaf and the now-called ovarian follicles which were earlier termed Graafian follicles.

You’re mistaken if you think the G-spot (the sensitive spot on the vagina) is designated after a grand feminine symbolism. It’s named grandly after Ernst Gräfenberg. Some feel it, some don’t. I wonder how all of us feel after knowing it’s named after a male german physicist who was born in 1881. If you think this is weird, wait for it. Gräfenberg did not even discover the G-spot, he had actually invented the first intrauterine device (IUD).

If you thought it couldn’t get bigger, your orgasm also stems from a man’s name. Alexander Skene is behind the naming of Skene’s glands which, the thread explains, is a pair of glands on both sides of the urethral opening that secretes fluid during orgasm also called female ejaculation.

The thread entailed a wider list, detailing accounts of several men whose names have been used to denote the female parts, like women – whose very parts were being defined – were collectively extinct.

Twitter users had a field day with this thread revealing hard facts. Some used humour to confront the listing while some expressed disappointment over the practice of naming everything men. “Thank you for entitling us to learn and unlearn about such an ironic, definitely not surprising, patriarchal domain,” wrote one user.