Journalists attacked in Bangalore during Cauvery protests

Cauvery issue

In the ongoing protests in Bengaluru over Cauvery river issue, two female journalists were attacked by a group of protesters at Rajaji Nagar on Monday evening. Rohini Swamy and cameraperson Madhu Y work who with India Today were hit by protesters who even broke their camera. The two were covering the violence, were attacked by protesters after they objected to the media coverage given to violence and protests staged by pro-Kannada outfits, Madhu said.

Swamy was threatened by a pro-Kannada organisation activist who warned her against covering the clashes. As they were filming the incident, the protestors came to them and asked them to join the protest and stop their work. The journalists refused in Kannada and the man went off only to return on his bike to click her picture.

“They kicked me and my cameraman in our abdomen repeatedly,” Rohini Swamy said, speaking to The News Minute. Another report suggests the protestors were drunk.

The journalists were take to a government hospital for treatment.

Picture credit- Indian Express