Journalist Malini Subramaniam attacked by anti-naxal group

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Malini Subramaniam's car (Pic by TOI)

Journalist Malini Subramaniam who has been reporting from Bastar, Chattisgarh for four years faced violence from a newly formed anti-naxal group in the region. The group hurled stones at her house and asked her to vacate the place. They accused her for supporting maoists which is the reason for their severe reaction.


in the night around 2.30, some men threw stones at her house and broke the windscreen of her car

The group which goes by the name- Samajik Ekta Manch started protesting in front of the journalist’s house from Sunday evening. About 20 people gathered in the area and started shouting slogans like Naksali Samrthak Bastar Chhodo (Naxal supporter, leave Bastar)” and “Malini Subramaniam Murdabad” and burning effigies of Malini. Later in the night around 2.30, some men threw stones at her house and broke the windscreen of her car.

Malini who lives with her 14-year-old daughter are shocked by the reaction of the group and feel threatened to stay in the area anymore.

"Two people among them - Manish Pathak, a BJYM worker and Sampat Jha, a local Congressman, were present during the demonstration that took place in front of my house", Malini said to TOI.

The anti-naxal group members also asked Malini’s neighbours to join them saying that as she is a naxal supporter and that she is planning to bomb their houses.

“They told them that I worked for the Naxals and that I take money and supply arms to the rebels. They said a bomb could explode near their homes and asked them to join in the protests and hurled stones at my house,” she told Indian Express.


Malini writes for, who have contacted the Superintendent of Police R N Dash and the Chief Minister Raman Singh who are looking into the matter now. However, even they have not yet done anything significant yet. Instead, some police officials led by Suprintendent, Umesh Kashyap came to Malini's house late at night for "verification". Even on Malini's attempt to know the reason of such verification they did not reveal the matter.

This is a true case of violation of press freedom. The group members as well as the police is trying to stop Malini from reporting on the issues of the area that has been war-torn between the maoists and the police force for a long time now. This is not the first time that such encroachment of press freedom has been noticed in the area. Last year, two journalists, Santosh Yadav and Sumaru Nag were also arrested for helping maoists, according to Scroll.

Picture Credit- TOI

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