Father’s “Don’t touch my daughter” policy costed the girl her life

How fair is it to judge a women’s character based on the number of men who have touched her? Well, in a bizarre incident in Dubai, a man left her daughter to drown than being rescued by male lifeguards. He believed that getting touched by strange men while rescuing would ‘dishonour’ her.


The father has been arrested by the Dubai police for stopping the lifeguards from executing their duty that killed his daughter. The incident took place when the family had come for a picnic to a Dubai beach. However, shortly the girl got into difficulty and shrieked for help. When the rescuers were so close to protect the 20 year old woman, her father stopped them from going further. He asked them to back out as he would prefer his daughter death than dishonouring her by letting her get touched by strange men.


Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department said, “She died unfortunately, at a time when she had a chance to live, especially that the rescue men were so close to her to pull her out of the water ” as reported in emirates24\7. He added that it was this delay and fight between the father and the lifeguard that the girl died as lifeguard couldn’t rescue her.


When will we stop treating our women as property which needs to be shielded and protected from every lust filled eye on road. What does it take for a women to feel honoured? Not getting touched by men? Really? Yes the incident does make us question the existence of such dangerously valued regressive mindset in our society.


Everyday we hear appalling stories of ‘honour killing’, daughter being killed in the fear of bringing bad name to the family. Such regressive mindset costed someone her life yesterday.

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk