Father Shares Potential Groom’s Profile With Daughter, She Calls Him For Job Interview Instead

Marriage Far From Women’s Thought

If you are a part of the workforce, you must have heard of or even made use of a number of websites designed to make it easier for employers to reach out to potential employees and vice-versa. An entrepreneur named Udita Pal, the co-founder of Salt.Pe, took a step forward and decided to hire a guy her father wanted her to meet to settle down with.

Father shares groom profile with daughter, this is what she did next

A tweet doing rounds on social media carries a screenshot of a conversation a dad had with his daughter. In the chat, the dad can be seen expressing his anger at his daughter for hiring people from matrimonial sites. The potential groom being discussed has seven years of experience in fintech. The girl told her father that she was impressed by his work experience and they were looking for hiring people which compelled her to ask him for his resume and even sent him the link for a job interview.

screenshot of the conversation

The caption of the tweet reads “What getting disowned from father looks like.” The tweet has got 721 retweets, 250 Quote Tweets and 10.3K likes so far.

Twitter update by Udita

This was followed by another Twitter update where she mentioned that the organization didn’t hire him because he demanded a package that it can’t afford to give. She also added that her dad deleted her profile on the matrimonial site after this incident. “updated news:- – he is looking for 62 LPA + ESOPs (can’t afford) – my dad deleted my JS profile – pls don’t drop hate on me, i cry very easily”, read the tweet.

Netizens react

A Twitter user commented, “If people can fall in love at work or date a colleague, this should be okay too”

Another user wondered if the girl was from the talent acquisition team.

Another wrote, “Haha what a boss move!! And kicking normative gender roles where it hurts!”