Fanatics Beat Up Mentally Challenged Woman In Rajasthan

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Two men have been arrested for beating up a mentally challenged woman with a rubber pipe in Rajasthan. The incident took place on Tuesday (June 13), but a video of the incident was uploaded on social media days after it took place.

In the video, a man wielding a pipe is heard commanding the woman to say ‘Allah,’ ‘Jai Shree Ram’, and ‘Jai Hanuman’, which she then reluctantly says. The men have been identified by the police and have been arrested. The police are also searching for the man who uploaded the video on social media.

The men apparently beat up the woman because they thought she was trespassing on their fields.

We are trying to search for the woman and appropriate action will be taken following her statement,” police said.

The two men had covered their faces to protect their identities, but have been identified as Prakash Meghwal and Shrawan Meghwal.

In another case of men disrespecting women, officials were clicking pictures of defecating women in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. When a local man tried to stop them, he was thrashed.

Officials of Pratapgarh town had started taking photographs of defecating women on their morning tour of the area when the man, Zafar Khan, tried to stop them.

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