Failure is the key to success

Key reasons why failure is key to success

“Failure is the key to success. Each mistake teaches us something.” – Morihei Ueshiba

We couldn’t agree more. Mistakes teach us important life lessons that we wouldn’t learn just by getting a lecture. They make us more proactive, practical and prudent. No one comes into this world as perfect, you learn as you go and that is what failure teaches you. Even Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he could make a working prototype of a light bulb. When asked, “How did it feel to fail 1000 times?” Edison replied, “The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps”

Here is why failure is your key to success:

Life Lesson
Yes, yes. A very clichéd dialogue; but true nonetheless. According to a study, lessons nurture the brain physiologically and encourage greater mental health.

Keeps you grounded
Now we all have heard how success can sometimes get to your head; failure on the other hand helps you stay grounded. We just mean that teaches one to be compassionate about other people’s failure too. They start valuing hard work and others who are also on their journey to success.

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Reach your potential
That’s right! Failure is the catalyst of inspiration for many great inventors. They dedicated more time and effort into their projects making them successful eventually.

Friends in Need are Friends indeed
Filter out those failed ideas and friends who are dissing you. Always know, true friends and family will always stick by you through thick and thin. It’s time you realized whom you could rely on.

Change Game Plan
Maybe your ideas a need new perspective. Failure teaches you to be flexible with ideas and strategies. If you are too rigid with your plan, truth is, it will not move ahead.

Be more creative
An idea that doesn’t work invites new ideas. It is best to keep pushing ourselves till we have achieved the perfect blend of creativity in our product. It may take time, but we must do what we have to.

Teaches Patience
I think you can have your own anger management classes at home. Patience is something we cannot afford to lose if our idea is not working. We can’t just give in to our emotions and let that take a toll of the situation. A calm mind gives birth to successful ideas.

Brings Humility
Ego can break relationships as well as success. It is important to know that everything doesn’t come on a silver spoon and that taking things for granted can be detrimental!

Don’t worry, keep pushing yourself and you’ll get to where you’re reaching for! All the best!