Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Shares Bengaluru Women’s Inspirational Stories

Sheryl Sandberg
Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook Chief Operating Officer shared the story of Sphoorti, a Bengaluru woman who started the initiative of empowering women during the COVID-19 lockdown on her social media on June 30.

Sandberg took to her official Instagram account on Tuesday to share the story of Sphoorti, a Bengaluru woman who reached out to husbands and family members of women, who had to leave their job owing to the work-home imbalance, to explain the importance of stepping up at home.

The Instagram post garnered over 2,300 likes in less than 24 hours.

PC: Sheryl Sandberg/Instagram

The post read, “I recently spoke with some of these Circle leaders to learn more about the grief and challenges they’re facing. I’m in awe of how they’ve supported each other and the women in their communities during this crisis.”

FB COO Sheryl Sandberg On Sphoorti’s Initiative

Sphoorti is a Network Leader with Lean In Bangalore. Many women in her community had to resign from their jobs during COVID-19, owing to the failure in managing work as well as a household at the same time. She reached out to the husbands and family members of the affected women. She explained to them the importance of stepping up at home and connected them to families who were modelling ways of sharing work equitably.

Owing to her efforts, almost all of the women rejoined their workplaces full time who previously had to quit. Sandberg quoted Sphoorti saying, “During the pandemic, I have started using community and ideas in different ways to make sure that women stay in the workforce.”

“Thank you, Sphoorti,” the post concluded, “for demonstrating how to show up for our communities in times like these.”

“This is so inspiring! Kudos”, commented one, while another wrote, “Wonderful Lady of Integrity helping others makes a difference”.