Evermore Theme Park Slaps Lawsuit On Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift faces lawsuit: Taylor Swift has now been slapped with a ‘baseless’ lawsuit from the owners of the Evermore theme park.

Taylor Swift faces lawsuit for trademark infringement for naming her latest music album Evermore

The owners of the Utah-based theme park claimed that the name Evermore caused confusion as many felt that the park and the album had some connection. In addition to that, the park owners have asserted their ownership over the word.

The owners blamed Taylor Swift’s album for causing a significant decline in the amount of traffic on its website. Besides that, they claim to have faced damages worth “millions of dollars”, and seek reparations for the same. They had requested Swift’s lawyers that they are “open to discussing reasonable terms for (Swift’s) discontinuation if the trademark” in December last year. 

A million dollars have already been spent by the owners on the park ever since it opened in 2018. The lawsuit has been filed at a US District Court in Utah. 

Taylor Swift’s lawyers call the lawsuit ‘baseless’ 

Taylor Swift‘s legal team filed a letter at the court, and said that the charges against her are ‘baseless’, ‘frivolous and irresponsible.’ Furthermore, the letter said: 

 “Moreover, your client has suffered no damages whatsoever and, in fact, has openly stated that Ms Swift’s album release creates a ‘marketing opportunity’ for your client’s troubled theme park.” 

Taylor Swift’s album Evermore is her sixth music album that has already reached the No 1 position in the UK and US. It comprises of songs Willow, Champagne Problems, Cowboy Like Me, etc. The album was released on December 10 last year, just five months after her album Folklore which was released in July 2020. taylor swift faces lawsuit 

Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Shake It Off’ Faced Plagiarism Charges 

In 2017, Taylor Swift’s hit single Shake It Off was charged for plagiarising lyrics. The lawsuit was filed by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler. They alleged that Swift’s song had a few lyrics that were taken from their song Players Gon’ Play by US girl group 3LW. Both the songs comprised of lyrics such as “the players gonna play” and “the haters gonna hate”. 

However, Taylor Swift’s lawyers maintain that the songwriters weren’t the fast ones to invent the terms and that they were ‘common phrases’. 

Pic Credit: MTV