Eros Now Apologises After Being Trolled For Sharing “Vulgar” Memes On Navratri

Eros Now

Streaming platform Eros Now has tendered an apology on Twitter after being trolled for sharing “vulgar” memes in Navratri. #BoycottErosNow began trending on Twitter today after people began sharing screenshots of memes and tweets posted from the production houses official handle.

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Following the social media outrage, Eros Now, owned by Eros International, has not only apologised but has also deleted the posts in question. “We at Eros love and respect our cultures equally. It is not, and it has never been our intention to hurt anyone’s emotions,” read the statement shared by Eros Now on Twitter. “We have deleted the concerned posts and we apologise for having offended anybody’s sentiments,” it further read.

What were Eros Now’s memes about

“Do you want to put the ‘ratri’ in my Navratri,” read one of the memes featuring a still shot of actor Katrina Kaif, that was reportedly posted by Eros Now. “Let us have some majama in my pajama,” read another meme.

Many social media users expressed outrage over numerous such memes that Eros Now had shared during the festival of Navratri, calling them “hinduphobic” and “vulgar”. Actor Kangana Ranaut too criticised the memes, calling all streaming platforms “nothing but a porn hub”.

Further writing on the nature of content catered on streaming platforms, Ranaut wrote in her Twitter thread, “Even on international streaming platforms the nature of the content is sensational we need to manufacture overtly sexual, deeply gruesome brutal, violent content, essentially to arouse the viewer’s sexual appetite, very difficult to get any other content cleared by their teams.”

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The streaming platform has been sharing images of Bollywood actresses from films produced under its banner on Instagram as well. However, these are just images accompanied by captions and not memes.



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