Entrepreneurs On What It Takes For A Successful Startup

entrepreneurs successful startup

When you take up a mammoth task, you start appreciating the little things in life. This is exactly what entrepreneurship does. The fact that it is a culmination of several activities bound into one is what makes it different and diverse. Ask any entrepreneur today and they will tell you how they start as a one person company handling many different tasks at the same time. It takes them some time before they can actually delegate and employ others for specific jobs. This is what entrepreneurs of the current generations are doing.

Amy Aribam, who belongs to Manipur but is based in Gurgaon, started Amaria Fashions two years ago. Today, she has a team in place for different operations. But when she started, Aribam did everything herself. At Amaria, she aims to bring in the different weaves of India at one place, so for her the journey began with doing everything from research, procuring the fabric, finding the right weavers to model photo shoots and digital marketing.

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“Entrepreneurship has allowed me to understand and explore various aspects of the process and then experiencing the happiness of the customers when the product reaches them,” said Aribam.

“It has given me a lot of perspective and learnings and that has helped me shape my view of the work as well,” she added.

For Rajvi Nagori of HobbMob, entrepreneurship is a lot of hard work if one commits to it. “Today, an entrepreneur has to spend a lot of time and has to compromise on their personal life a lot in order to make sure the startup stands on its own two feet. I have started to appreciate the littlest of pleasures like an eight-hour sleep so much in the time that I started HobbMob,” said Nagori.

Entrepreneurship requires an individual to swim against the flow, believes Harsimran Kaur of Fuschia.

“For startups that are bootstrapped, it is even more difficult. With limited amount of resources, one needs to have the best team at work and the ecosystem might not be that conducive for you to work but still for the founder, one needs to put in more effort than the rest to make the core idea work,” Harsimran Kaur

India’s startup ecosystem is consistently growing to accommodate more people with every passing day. It is even becoming fashionable to call oneself an entrepreneur. But while many startups are thriving, a lot of them are also flopping because people get into it due to the trends perspective. “A lot of young entrepreneurs follow trends and somehow it makes them lose their personality. All of us have a very unique personality and cannot be afraid of getting lost,” asserted Rajvi.