Elvira Demidova Death Reason: TikTok Star Killed As Crane Topples

Elvira Demidova Death Reason
A single mum-of-two Elvira Demidova, 31, who became a celebrity in Russia for TikTok videos of her operating cranes, has died in a harrowing accident. Demidova had around 41,000 subscribers for her funny and honest stories about her daily life as a crane operator. The TikTok star was killed as the cabin machine she was operating toppled over due to high winds.

The disturbing incident occurred Tuesday while Demidova was using a crane to load concrete in Tymen, a major oil hub in Siberia, according to reports. A gust of wind had reportedly blown the structure over, causing the cabin to topple 40 feet to the ground, killing her on impact.

Elvira Demidova death reason

Shocking footage from the accident has been doing rounds on social media. It shows Demidova loading concrete with the crane when strong gales threw the crane off balance. The staggering machinery gets dragged by the powerful gusts of wind, as a terrified Demidova sits helplessly inside the cabin.

In just over 40 seconds, the crane has been hauled hundreds of feet across the construction sight before extraordinarily plummeting to the ground. Horrific footage shows the moment the structure clattered to the ground from a height of 40 feet, according to local reports. Its lifting hook can be seen flying uncontrollably through the air, storming through anything in its path.

A crowdfunding campaign has since been set up to help pay for the late machine worker’s death and to also care for her son and daughter, who are currently living with Demidova’s mother.

Authorities have since launched a criminal investigation into the cause of her tragic death.

Nikolay Russu – the boss of the company she worked for, Mostostroy-11, was decorated by Vladimir Putin in 2020 for the company’s part in constructing the bridge linking annexed Crimea with Russia.

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