Peter Yorke, a prominent communications specialist, shared some tips on communications strategy at the Elevate 100, an event of the Government of Karnataka, to which SheThePeople.TV is a partner.

So, even if you have a B2B business, a service business or a consumer business, you will need an effective communications strategy. Here are some key takeaways from Yorke’s session:

Go to market strategy:

  • According to York, content is no longer about us, but about them. It is about ordinary people who create content. In today’s world the propensity for amplification is greater, and this inflexion happened when the internet took centre stage.
  • So after understanding this, the first step is putting your business out there, to create a persona of your target audience.
  • Next is to find out who is your audience, what do they expect, what do they do, and do they have a sense of a pulse or nerve which you must tap on to.

If you do not understand the audience, you cannot sell, says Yorke.

  • You must understand their pain points, what they require.

Remember: Don’t talk about what you have, talk about what is in it for them.

The message

How do you address your customer?

Create a unique value proposition and be clear about it. In that process, you make a promise. Your value is unshakable to the customer. For example, a customer will never get a cold burger at McDonald’s. Also, don’t sacrifice your value proposition, to make a quick buck.

There will be times when you see immediate opportunities, but these can sometimes detract you from your core business.

How do you go to market?

Yorke emphasises three legs of a stool:

  1.  Focus on events. The most number of leads come via handshakes, so go to events, and network. But makes sure your target audience will be there. Please focus on sales when you start your business, the brand comes automatically at a later stage. Aspire to host your own event. And, if someone gives you a speaker slot at a later stage, why not offer it to the customer- there nothing like a good testimonial.
  2. Publish good content, with the objective to engage, and bring in opinions and views. Create a catchment area on your website where people can come to engage.
  3.  Focus on an Influencer strategy. Get out there by talking to the customer. Remember success is always from the number of referrals. Look at online and digital media, speak to them and have something unique to say.

Some last pieces of advice

  • Get out from under the hood and be the face of your company. It is important to have a face associated with the brand.
  • Build a small team. Don’t try to do it on your own because scaling becomes difficult. And remember to keep the focus on customers. You will succeed with conviction, mission, and determination!

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