Actor Jessica Campbell, known for her role in the film named Election, passed away at the age of 38 in Portland on December 29, 2021. 

Campbell died an unexpected death and the cause of her death is still unknown. As per the reports, COVID-19 is suspected as the cause. Campbell’s family confirmed that they are still waiting for the autopsy results which will determine the real cause of her death. The autopsy results will be furnished by the Multnomah County Medical Examiner.

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Her cousin Sarah Wessling has said that Campbell had spent a “normal day” at the hospital tending to patients. Campbell who worked as a naturopathic physician had returned home to her mother and aunt. Campbell’s aunt reportedly found her collapsed on the bathroom floor after some time. She then tried to wake Campbell up but there was no change in her condition. Days before her death, Campbell had complained of her congestion in her chest, as per a report.

She was a native of Oklahoma and is survived by her 10-year-old son and her husband Daniel with whom she was married for the last 11 years.

Who was Jessica Campbell?

Jessica Campbell made her acting debut in 1992 with the show In The Best Interest of The Children. She is best known for her role in Election in which she shared screen space with Reese Witherspoon. She had given up acting several years ago and was working as a naturopathic physician. She was also featured in Freaks And Geeks. Later Campbell gave up acting and started practising as naturopathy. An alternative medicine which promotes self-healing and natural non-invasive practices. 

Image credit: TMZ 

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