“Educated Brahmin Man” Seeks Suggestions for Dowry on Quora; Gets Slammed

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Are you one of those who likes to believe that the practice of dowry is prevalent only among uneducated people who rely on the money for upping their status in the society? Well, we are here to debunk the myth.

What dowry should a 28-year-old North Indian Brahmin boy demand from the prospective bride?” is one of the many questions posted on Quora. The question is followed by some additional information which says that the boy works in a well paying MNC in India and is marrying in the same caste.

The user’s misogynistic question, invoked a lot of anger among other users who rebuked him for carrying such an archaic mindset.

A wide range of comments were made in response to his questions. While some said that common sense and a brain is what should be demanded, others mentioned the various rules and regulations that prohibit the exchange of dowry in Indian culture.


There were a lot of users who doubted the kind of education he had received and advised him to have some self-respect and self-worth.

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The post, however, brings forth a pertinent question. Does education fail to stop men from asking for dowry and if not, what’s the whole point of getting educated?

Vandita Morarka, working as Policy and Legal Officer at Red Dot Foundation’s Safecity, says,

 “Formal education ceases to have any effect on men asking for dowry as the education system by itself is deeply flawed and patriarchal. The current education set up doesn’t help persons learn how to value other people, strive for equality or social justice. In fact, dowry is a peculiar case where education is in fact a measure of the amount of dowry value.”

She further tells SheThePeople.Tv that the society needs an education that is aimed at sensitising and that allows for independent critical thinking towards eradicating social issues.

The recent incident involving the suicide of an IIT PhD scholar reeling under dowry pressure exposes the gravity of the problem. Dowry is definitely a stigma on the society that engulfs Indian women.

We are ushering in an era where women are at the helm of affairs striving to make the world a better place to live in. Such questions or demands coming from so called “educated people” take us back in a time when getting dowry was the most significant and profitable aspect of a marriage.

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Charvi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV