Eddie Izzard Defends J. K. Rowling, Says That Rowling Was Never Transphobic

Eddie Izzard defends J. K. Rowling's viewpoints on transgender women

Anoushka Das
Jan 02, 2021 14:56 IST
Eddie Izzard defends J. K. Rowling

Comedian Eddie Izzard who recently changed her pronouns to 'she/her' defended J. K. Rowling over her viewpoints on issues concerning the trans community. Furthermore, the comedian insisted that the author wasn't 'transphobic.'


This has happened several months after Rowling's controversial statement on 'menstruation.' She had once liked a tweet that dubbed trans people as 'men in dresses'. However, the author defended herself by saying that she has always respected trans people for being who they are.

Eddie Izzard Supports J.K. Rowling

Now Eddie Izzard has openly supported Rowling by denying that she was 'transphobic.' Izzard said that it is disappointing to know that women and trans people are turning against each other. The comedian said that both women and trans people have been invisible throughout history, so it's useless to fight over this. Izzard accepted that the issue can't be sorted out 'with the wave of a wand.' 


Why Was J.K Rowling Accused of Being 'Transphobic'

Meanwhile, in June 2020, Rowling received a lot of backlash for being 'transphobic.' This happened after she gave her opinions on an article based on "Creating an equal COVID-19 world for people who menstruate." Rowling said then tweeted by writing that there was a word used for 'people who menstruate.' She then wrote down three words— Wumben, Wimpund and Woomud. However, this didn't go down well with her fans who started accusing her of being transphobic. She further insisted that 'If sex isn't real, the lived reality of women globally is erased.' Rowling said that it isn't wise to demolish the concept of sex as it erases a person's 'ability to discuss about their lives.' Nevertheless, Rowling continued to defend her statements by saying that she has always loved and respected trans people all her life.

Eddie Izzard had made an appearance on the Sky Arts programme Portrait Artist Of The Year.  It was on this platform that Eddie openly spoke about being addressed with pronounces like she/her. Izzard has preferred being identified as a 'transgender' and loves being called 'she' while being in 'girl-mode'.


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