Droupadi Murmu Becomes President Of India After Defeating Yashwant Sinha With Huge Margin

Droupadi Murmu oath ceremony, Droupadi Murmu Bhai Dooj
Droupadi Murmu is the first tribal woman and second woman to become the President of India. Murmu, the NDA’s presidential candidate, increased her margin following the second round of tallying on Thursday by receiving over 72 per cent of the votes cast by the MPs and MLAs from the 10 states that had already been tallied. 

According to reports, Murmu won by 3219 valid votes with an overall value of 8,38,839.

Across the second round, Murmu received the votes of 809 MLAs out of a total of 1138 MLAs in 10 states, with a vote total of 1,05,299, while Sinha received the votes of 329 MLAs with a vote total of 44,276. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jharkhand are some of the states where votes were counted, along with Andhra Pradesh, where Murmu received nearly all of the votes.

Droupadi Murmu Becomes President

According to sources, the overall number of legitimate votes was 1138, with a total value of 1,49,575, after the second round, during which the ballots from the top 10 states were alphabetically counted. Droupadi Murmu receives 809 votes worth 1,05,299 out of this, whereas Yashwant Sinha receives 329 votes worth 44,276 according to PC Mody, Secretary General, Rajya Sabha.

Following her anticipated victory in the election, NDA presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu would likely meet with PM Modi, several senior members of his Cabinet, and BJP chairman J P Nadda on Thursday evening, according to PTI. After the first round of counting was completed, folk artists conducted a tribal dance on Mother Teresa Crescent Road in Delhi to celebrate Droupadi Murmu’s lead over Yashwant Sinha.

Droupadi Murmu, a tribal leader from Odisha, was named as the NDA’s presidential candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party. She competed against Yashwant Sinha, a former federal minister who has been nominated by the opposition for the role. The presidential election was set for July 18.

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In Parliament House, the presidential vote-counting process officially began today. The fight for the Rashtrapati Bhawan pits Yashwant Sinha of the opposition and Droupadi Murmu of the NDA against one another. The first tribal woman to hold the nation’s top constitutional position is Murmu.

Former President Ram Nath Kovind, would leave office on July 24. The new president would assume office on July 25. Election authorities were prepared to begin counting ballots in room 63 of Parliament’s strong room, where vote boxes were supervised by round-the-clock security since all state-provided boxes had arrived at the Parliament House.

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