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Men stalking women in public areas is very common these days. But women fighting back their stalkers and teaching them a lesson they will never forget is quite uncommon and deserves a lot of praise.


This is what happened when a female cyclist avenged the humiliation by a bunch of men in a van. The incident has been captured in a video which is going viral all over the social media. The video was recorded in London by a GoPro camera attached to a biker's helmet.

The 1 minute 19 seconds video shows the cyclist waiting at a traffic signal when the boisterous men start rebuking her. They ask her if she wants their phone number. They also go on to ask if she is on her period. The cyclist, very smartly, hits the wing mirror of the van in protest.

The biker capturing the video mocked at the men,"That's exactly what you deserve, you scum!"

The video was posted on Reddit and has garnered a lot of support from people who are praising the woman's audacity for standing up against such creepy people.

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Before taking a cue from the video, do not forget that every country has a different degree of tolerance towards such incidents.


SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Janvi Sharma, a photography student, to know how she would react if she was caught in a similar situation.

"First of all, the video was captured in London. The situation here in India is very different. How many female cyclists do we see cycling around here? What the cyclist did is quite brave. I would have escaped from the scene as soon as possible to avoid any further confrontation. "

Well, it is very clear that be it India or London, women's safety remains a pertinent issue across the world but it takes a lot of courage to do what the cyclist did.

Watch the video here :

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