Dos and Don’ts of start-up funding

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Getting capital for your new venture is honestly a tedious, stressful and exhausting process. We aren’t going to sugar coat the truth. But what we will help you do, is give you tips on how to be smart about getting the funding for your idea.


The investors are observing you and your game plan. An idea that does not fully convince them is will not get their attention at all. Just like you, they too spend time in researching and knowing whether the money invested will be beneficial in any way. It’s a give and take process, you see. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to get funding for your start-up.


An impressive plan of action

Be sure to have a set plan in action. A verbal plan does not work out anymore. They need a full proof plan where they can invest their valuable money. Be prepared for questions and any queries that may be thrown at you.

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Research Thoroughly

Do your homework of researching how much funding you exactly need. Calculate your expenses, as you’ll need to explain the all-invasive costs to your investors. They will want to know the details of where there money is going.


Networking can help you in the long run. Maintaining a healthy relationship with potential investors is a must. Sign up for professional networks online, connect to similar start-ups, strike a conversation and see where it leads you. It surely will help you increase your leads.


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Follow Ups

Very, very essential. Though remember not to nag. Follow-ups are helpful as it that you care about your start-up and would like to get a start on it as soon as possible.

Stay Open for Suggestions

You don’t always have to take up suggestions, but it is polite and advised to listen to them. Many investors will shower you with advice and sometimes they work wonders. You get a new perspective and it will help your idea get stronger.


Ask for only how much you need

Asking for more than what you need may not be so wise as you will have to give an account of costs. Although also be sure that you aren’t under funded. Ask for what you need.


Do Not Overspend

Many believe that a start-up always needs big funding and only then can it be successful. It’s a myth that needs to be erased right away. Start small and take it slow.

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Choose Investors Wisely

Be careful of when you’re selecting your investors. It’s always better if they have a history of funding start-ups before and they are aware of the details involved.

All the best!

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