One Of The UK’s Oldest Identical Twins, Doris Hobday Died Of COVID-19

Doris Hobday

The Tipton Twin of West Midlands, UK were among the nation’s oldest living twins. They had celebrated their 96th birthday last June. Unfortunately, one of the twin sisters, Doris Hobday passed away on January 5, 2020, due to Covid-19. Her sister Lilian Cox also was hospitalised after testing positive but is in the process of recovery now.

Their family said that they were totally “heartbroken to lose Hobday in this way.” They added that Cox had only been informed of her sister’s death this Monday after ensuring she was “strong enough to take the news.”

Cox is now staying with her daughter Vivien and the family is beside her consoling. She would remain with her daughter until she fully regains her strength.

“Both were determined to live until 100, they had so much to look forward to,” their family lamented the loss. “It’s just so cruel that COVID-19 has stopped Hobday like this.”

Being one of the most popular twins in the country, several UK media personalities expressed their condolences via Twitter.

Tipton Twins: 96 years of laughter, love and togetherness

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday was a celebrated twin sister of the UK. They have appeared in several TV shows and are popular figures in social media too. Their positive outlook on life and sense of humour could be the secret to their fame.

But what is their secret to their long life? In an interview with the BBC on the occasion of their 95th birthday, Cox had revealed that her sister’s secret to a long life was “no sex and plenty of Guinness.” While her own being simply “lemonade”.

The siblings have appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, and This Morning and won the hearts of many including the presenters. Their jokes about wearing their drawers inside out and their love for actor Jason Statham were a hit among the audience.

Apparently, the twins did everything together. Even after getting married, they continued to live in the same street as well as worked at an ale-making factory in Birmingham. Recently, they lived next to each other at sheltered accommodation in Tipton.

In the memory of Hobday, a crowdfunding page has been set up. However, these funds being raised will be donated to The Beacon Centre for the Blind. This Centre had supported her late husband Raymond for 20 years.

The twin’s family informed that Hobday will be laid to rest with her husband who she lost 11 years ago after 65 years of a happy marriage.

Picture credit: The Economic Times