Don't go to war: Indian soldier's wife makes emotional appeal after Pulwama attack

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Soldiers die in Pulwama Attack

Sarah Nitin Rawat is angry. Wife of an Indian armed forces officer, she says we as a nation need to think hard about talking war in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack. In a video she shared with SheThePeople, Sarah said, "Do we think of the martyr's widow when seek a war. When there is a war only a soldier will be at the forefront. Who will die? A soldier. Who will lose a husband, a wife. Whose children will become orphans, a fauji's. What purpose does a war serve?"


She also tells social media that putting RIP or JaiHind is not where citizen's responsibilities end..."Instead of being on social media come over and be on the frontlines," she says. "After one year of a martyr dying will someone remember the widows of our soldiers? But a widow would have to think within a week of her husband dying - will I be able to pay my child's fees? Will I be able to get the funds due to my husband? Will I be able to finish all formalities in a proper way. Who thinks for us?"

After one year of a martyr dying will someone remember the widows of our soldiers?

Sarah is a mother to a two and a half year old (whose musical toys can be heard in the video) and her husband is in the Navy.

"As the wife of a soldier I can tell you when our husbands wear the uniform and leave for the day, we have no clue whether they will return. We are anxious that a phone will ring and carry some news for us. In fact I believe wives of soldiers are half faujis too. Just that our stars aren't visible on our shoulder."

She talks of how our soldier's and their efforts are forgotten. "I am reading a lot on social media about there should be a war. What will this lead to? Only the death of our soldiers."

Views expressed are Sarah's own. She shared the video with SheThePeople


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