“Don’t fail me, my wedding is on June 28”, a girl from UP writes in her Board Exam

Arunachal teachers punish girls

Instead of writing the answers on her examination sheet, a girl from Uttar Pradesh wrote the following in one of her board exams-:‘

Sir main ek ladki hoon. Meri shaadi June 28 ko hai. Mujhe pass kar dena nahi to ghar waale gusse mein rahenge (Sir, I’m a girl and getting married on June 28. Please award me passing marks otherwise my family will be upset).

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Anticipating her family’s wrath seeing her failure, this was her attempt to cajole her evaluator to award her the passing marks. This incident puts a lot of question marks on Indian education system and societal norms.


However, this is not the first time that the fear of failing in an examination pushed a student to make such a request. According to Hindustan Times, students go to the extent of attaching Rs 100 to lure the evaluators.

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DIoS Lucknow Mukesh Kumar Singh told HT,“These allurements never work. Teachers are professionals and these petty things make no difference. We discourage such tactics as they are useless.”

In the recent past, there have been a plethora of instances wherein students have requested their evaluators to award them passing marks.

Guruji kripya pass kara dijiye, nahi to pitaji gaon wapas bula lenge. Mujhe gaon nahi jana hai. (Sir, please let me pass, otherwise, my father will call me back to our village. I do not want to go back),” a class 12 student wrote on his answer sheet.

“My marriage proposal will be called off if I do not pass the examination,” was another student’s plea.

A few days ago, a college in West Bengal suspended ten students for writing about love and Bengali films instead of answers in their semester exams.

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