Doctors at the government-run JK Lon Hospital in Jaipur recently operated on a five-year old girl to remove the largest paediatric biliary duct cyst (BDC) reported in the world.

The surgery was a rare one. It took place on November 20 and involved removing the BDC or choledochal cyst and connecting liver with intestines directly. Complications in the surgery could have resulted in the cyst bursting or developing cancer.

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The girl is a resident of Jaipur. Following acute pain in the abdomen and frequent vomiting, the parents brought her to the hospital in November. After a thorough examination, doctors found she was suffering from a congenital bile duct anomaly.

“The girl is fine now and recovering after surgery. She will be discharged from the hospital soon,” – Dr Ashok Gupta, superintendent of JK Lon Hospital

“During the initial examination, a large lump was palpable on the right side of the abdomen. Tests revealed a huge dilatation of bile duct, which connects liver with intestines. Usually, the size of bile duct cyst is 2-5 mms. If its size is more than 10mm, it is termed as giant choledochal cyst GCC,” said Dr Praveen Mathur, a senior professor and paediatric surgery unit head, who conducted the surgery.

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He also told TOI that there have been only 56 cases of GCC reported across the world. The largest was reported from Canada in 2016, measuring 17mm. But the Jaipur girl had the largest paediatric GCC, measuring 23.5cm. The hospital has sent the case for publication in an international journal.

“The girl is fine now and recovering after surgery. She will be discharged from the hospital soon,” said Dr Ashok Gupta, superintendent of JK Lon Hospital.

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