Diver, Painter, Businesswoman: Meet Manasi Kirloskar

Manasi Kirloskar

My great grand father – S.L Kirloskar – always used to say “you can never stop learning”. This has been my motto from the very start. – Manasi Kirloskar

She comes from a family of business people, and so it’s no surprise that she would follow in their footsteps. Manasi Kirloskar is on the board of Kirloskar Technologies and Toyota Tsusho Insurance Brokerage today and also works with her father on the Toyota Kirloskar Motor venture. Apart from that, she has started her non-profit foundation called “Caring with Colours” which focuses on “Education through Visual Art”. There is more than just business to this young lady and SheThePeople.TV explores the other side of Manasi Kirloskar in this interview.

Growing up in Bangalore, Manasi recalls the memories of living with her extended family who have been loving and supportive through all her growing years. She says, “My best years, however, were at college – the Rhode Island School of Design. I thrived in their competitive environment. I not only learnt how to make Art, but also discovered myself.”

Manasi Kirloskar

Manasi Kirloskar

It’s my experiences that create a painting or even a design or product to solve a need

To many of you who do not know this, Manasi is a passionate painter who is inspired by the good, bad and the ugly for her painting works. “It’s my experiences that create a painting or even a design or product to solve a need”, says Manasi. Talking more about her inspirations, she is mesmerised by Van Gogh’s work. She adds, “It evokes so many emotions. There’s a piece of his soul in every single piece of his work.”

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A painter at heart but an adventurist otherwise, Manasi is also a certified diver. “There are a lot of divers in my family. I have an aunt and uncle who dive down to 45-50m. My cousins too started diving at a very early age”, says Manasi.

Manasi Kirloskar

Manasi Kirloskar is also a certified diver. Says diving has taught her patience.

She has a 30m (adventure diver) and nitrox (enriched oxygen in the tank) licence. She is also hoping to get her cave diving licence soon. “The colours under water are spectacular! They inspire me to paint. The world under water is just so different, so interesting and so exciting!”, adds Manasi. Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea, Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia are some of the must-visit dive cites according to her.

While diving is a thrilling experience for sure, Manasi says it has actually helped her with work as well. It has taught her patience and how to manage panic situations without losing control.

Taking the jump into the water. Manasi Kirloskar of Kirloskar Systems

Taking the diving plunge: Manasi Kirloskar of Kirloskar Systems

When someone tells you that you are a failure, take it as a blessing in disguise.

We also ask her about her journey in the business world, and she says, “My journey so far has been very fulfilling. I am lucky to be associated with two very strong brands . Both, Kirloskar and Toyota are synonymous with Trust and Ethics. I strongly believe in these values and work hard towards living up to these expectations and adding to them.”

What would be her advice to overcome failure? “When someone tells you that you are a failure, take it as a blessing in disguise. It will motivate you to work so hard, you will discover things about yourself you never knew existed!”

Believing in giving back to the society, Manasi says, “Every young individual must have focus in their lives and contribute to their surroundings, in some way, starting from a young age. It is never too early to create a responsible society, a magnificent India.”

Who would have thought a young mind could be so passionate, diverse and insightful. Kudos to this young adult, who is destined to do wonders.  

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