Lusso is one of a kind venture. This blog about all things luxury is the ideal space for Luxury Enthusiasts to come together, discuss and learn about the latest and the best in Food, Fashion, Travel, Art, Sports, Interiors anything. Ruchi Chopra met the founder Disha Batra to know more about Lusso All Things Luxury.

What made you think of starting something in the luxury space… why did you choose the luxury market at the start? 

It’s an interesting story, I wanted to buy a bag 3 years ago and I was looking for something different rather than the most famous brands. So, I started searching for a forum where everyone discussed fashion and lifestyle and helped make each other aware of new trends in luxury fashion. I searched to realize that there are lots of FB pages, bloggers, influencers who talk about their experience but no place where everyone could come together and give their opinions. So, I decided to create one. Initially, I had thought we would just keep it all about fashion, but then I am a big art, travel and food enthusiast as well, so we added “All Things Luxury”

What do you think is the way forward for the luxury market? Is it recession proof according to you?

Well, I don’t think its 100% recession proof. I think some lag is definitely there. But amongst regular luxury consumers it doesn’t last very long. People who want to buy will still buy.

What do you feel is the way forward from here for your brand Lusso- what I really mean is do you plan to start having auctions or have a LUSSO carnival where is extremely luxury products come together for your followers?

Definitely to make it bigger and better. I want people to associate anything to do with luxury to Lusso. Many of my members have started following the Lusso lingo “So Lusso” “Stay Lusso”, etc.

Going forward, I would definitely want to expand PR activities for luxury brands. (We are already doing for some brands). I love planning events. So would love to have curated events for food, fashion, travel, art, etc.

What is the size of the luxury market in India? And do you think the scope is immense?

I think it’s growing immensely – especially in fashion and travel. Now every girl I meet wants to carry a branded bag on their arm and people want to invest in luxury experiences whether it’s dining at a Michelin star restaurant or going skiing in Switzerland.

I always say there are 2 kinds of consumers – actual and aspirational buyers. The gap between the 2 is slowly but surely reducing and I feel Lusso can play a pivotal role in it.

As a luxury entrepreneur, what gap in the market are you trying to fill through your enterprise.

To have a trusted place with like-minded people, where you get genuine advice and information about luxury. Luxury for everyone has a different definition – Lusso just strives to be a safe haven to come together and discuss “All Things Luxury”.

My agenda is to get people involved not only to like the post but also to comment and have a discussion.

On a more personal note, you are soon to be a mom, what is the first Lusso product you would hand over to your baby?

Hahaha, the first shopping I ever did for my baby girl was to get her a luxury diaper bag from Hermes. But going forward I really do hope to maintain a balance for her between luxury and regular brands.

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