Discovering their scientific temper: Some cool Indian women

Prez gold award science research

India has always been a cool place  for inventions. We invented the coolest board games like ludo and chess and we discovered the serious things like plastic surgery, algorithm, astronomy etc. All of these were of course credited to men. However, with time Indian women too have discovered their scientific temper started coming forward in inventing and discovering things that India had not seen before. About time we gave them some credit. So here are a few scientific and technological milestones that were achieved with  women at the helm of affairs. [Feature Image Courtesy: blogs.helsinki]

Mars Orbiter Mission female scientists

Women who sent India’s first satellite to orbit Mars (pic by BBC)

  • MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission)– When a mission is called MOM, it’s an indication that women would have something major to do with it! India sent its first satellite to orbit around Mars in 2013 at a production cost less than the Hollywood sci-fi film Gravity.  The launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission made headlines around the world, and so did the fact that it was handled majorly by female scientists working in ISRO in Bangalore.
Dr. Suniti Solomon

She found the first case of HIV in India (Pic by Alliance India)

  • HIV in India– In the 1980s, when the world was waking up to the devastating effects of the HIV virus, it was Dr. Suniti Solomon in India who brought out the extent of the problem to the attention of the medical community. Having diagnosed the first case of AIDS in Chennai in 1986, she then proceeded to doing extensive research on the disease, and this became her life’s most important mission.
Indirra Hinduja, first test tube baby

Delivered first test tube baby, Indira Hinduja (pic by The Hindu)

  • First Test Tube Baby– India’s first test tube baby was delivered at the hands of Dr. Indira Hinduja. A renowned name in the field of gynaecology, Indira has written many research papers which have been published both nationally and internationally.  An interesting fact, Life came full circle for her recently as she delivered the baby of the test tube baby girl she had delivered 30 years ago!

Leg-powered Washing Machine inventor, Remya Jose (pic by Brit.co)

  • Leg powered Washing Machine– The old adage of necessity being the mother of invention applies here. A high-schooler, Remya Jose was compelled to do laundry for her family when her mother fell sick. She absolutely hated doing it with her hands. A lack of washing machine and tight financial conditions meant she applied her scientific knowledge to invent her own bike washing machine which is affordable, easy to use  and needs no electricity.
Fresh Paper maker, Kavita Shukla

Indian inventor, Kavita Shukla (Pic by American Bazaar Online)

  • Fresh Paper– An Indian American Kavita Shukla’s thoughtful invention now keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer than usual.  The product is sold as the national product in more than 1000 Bed Bath & Beyond stores. She incorporated some spices and organic meterials into the paper which make it reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. She says it started with her grandmother’s idea of ‘spice tea’ back in India.