Digital Women Awards 2020 Shortlist Is Out for Solopreneurs Category

digital women awards 2020, paris city hall

Solopreneurs are a powerful and growing force in the world of entrepreneurship. They are changing the way business is done in India. If you are a woman running her own single-person enterprise, you are part of a revolution in the making.

Women in small business are not just driving economic outcomes but are also using this as a way to turn financially independent. Solopreneurs are the next level of the gig economy where they are able to create a collective framework and offer a variety of services and products. Size and scale isn’t the only way to contribute to a country’s economy and so solopreneurs are adding tremendous value by creating new and small businesses that cater to different strata.

Digital Women Awards 2020 celebrate women who are choosing digital as a means to turn entrepreneurs.

SheThePeople introduced the solopreneurs category keeping in mind, the fact that women are today innovating, experimenting and growing value from little resources and big ideas. With innovation, tech and digital tools, women are setting up small outfits across the digital business spectrum. With new payment options in the country, the need for established, large scale tech engines is reduced considerable and women are taking up that opportunity without fear and intimidation, to sell products and services with ease.

Women are creating businesses of the future not just with prudence, but also with empathy. Digital Women Awards presented by Google puts the spotlight on ground breaking work of female entrepreneurs.

If you’re trying to disrupt the status quo and beat bigger competitors, you’re not going to do it by playing their game

Against all odds, women are bringing alive ideas for a new India with breakthroughs in digital and tech, transforming their lives and the nation’s potential. This new entrepreneurial energy is what can take India to the next level and put women at the forefront. Attend the grand finale of the #digitalwomenawards by registering here.

We have brilliant ideas and stories and they can virtually reach anyone in the world. Thanks to tech, women have access to an amount of knowledge that they otherwise needed to attend specialised institutes for. In that vein, technology impact has been gender agnostic. But what women have done via entrepreneurship for their network growth, financial independence and confidence, must be lauded.

Here’s the shortlist across the Solopreneurs category for 2020.

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