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"We can't say that if we are stars in India we will be stars everywhere. That's not cool.”


These words from the world’s second most beautiful woman, Priyanka Chopra, (according to a poll by Buzznet) show that she is very much a down-to-earth person despite her global fame. Recently, the trailer of her Hollywood debut -- Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch was launched and we saw the ‘versatile’ actress at her best.

Notwithstanding the huge global success, Piggy Chops is as grounded as ever.

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When asked if she thinks of herself as a big star of Hollywood as well, a sensible PC told reporters, “Every country has different celebrities. So, I never expected that. I am okay to walk into a room and introduce myself as, 'Hello, I am Priyanka Chopra. I am an Indian actor.' There's nothing small about it, our achievements are quite big," News18 reported.


Priyanka feels that there’s no shame if she walks into a room (in Hollywood) and nobody recognizes her instantly. In fact, the 34-year-old actress is mature enough to take the stardom off her head and ready to introduce herself to those who don't know her.

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The actress further said that the American media never did anything wrong to her "except a few" and she never felt distant in a foreign film set. "I haven't seen them (American press) being that good to any other Indian actor if you think like that. They have been loving, friendly and encouraging of me... "

"We are one-fifth of the world's population so, our representation in world cinema is legit. It's on us, we have to make sure we are good enough. But I don't feel small when I walk in a foreign set," she said.

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The global icon found fame in the West with her single – ‘In My City’ and ‘Exotic’ – before joining the American TV series Quantico as the lead actor. Having won hearts in just two years’ span of her television career, PeeCee is now prepping up for the release of her Hollywood debut with Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch, where she is likely to play a role of a don – Victoria.


The film releases on May 25.


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Good luck Priyanka with your maiden Hollywood film!

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