After the infamous Nirbhaya gang rape in the capital, women’s safety became one of the main concerns.  It was there in the manifesto of all the parties that contested elections last year. Many amendments in the law and new initiatives are being looked at to meet this pressing challenge with effective solutions.


One such initiative by the home ministry is the Nirbhaya helpline number 112. The helpline is estimated to handle 10 lakh calls in a day with 3500 agents to attend calls and special tabs will be fitted in one lakh police jeeps by 2017 as described by the Union home ministry. It is a showpiece from the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) in the wake of the coming of Independence Day.


This helpline, which is going to cost around 321 crores to the government, is going to be a better facility than US’ 911, according to the home ministry. “This system will have similar or better capabilities than the ‘911’ emergency response system being used in the United States,” said the ministry in a note to the Ministry of Information and Broadcast as given in an Economic Times report.


All ministries were asked to suggest themes which have affected people’s lives in any way to be included in the Independence Day speech by the PM which will be given to MIB for publicity through all platforms.


The home ministry is spending a hefty amount on the security of women and it is predicting that it will start operations from the next financial year. If the preparations are done as stated by the home ministry, there might be seen positive change in women security in the country.


Picture Credit- Digital Agenda for Europe