Actor Devin Ratray, AKA Buzz from ‘Home Alone’ Accused Of Drugging And Raping Woman

devin ratray rape accusations
American actor Devin Ratray is currently being investigated for drugging and raping a woman with whom he had been friends for years. According to the reports, the incident took place in 2017 after the woman, Ratray and some of their friends went to his apartment after a drinking out.

The case of Devin Ratray sexually assaulting a female friend resurfaced amid a recent, unrelated case of domestic violence on the Home Alone actor whose hearing is scheduled for October. The complainant, identified as Lisa Smith, claimed that the authorities did not investigate her case properly and closed it despite her agreeing to cooperate. The incident allegedly happened at the actor’s Manhattan apartment where he spiked the woman’s drink, asked her sleepover after she felt dizzy and raped her while she was not in full consciousness.

Devin Ratray Rape Accusations: Woman Accuses Actor Of Drugging And Raping At His Apartment

The woman claimed that she had been friends with Ratray for 15 years. Back in 2017, they were drinking together with the woman’s brother and another friend and decided to go back to Ratray’s Manhattan apartment where they had another round of drinks. She alleges that the actor spiked her drink as he insisted she picks a specific glass, asked her to sleep over as she felt exhausted and raped her on the couch while she was half awake after the other two friends had gone.

According to the reports, she also said that when she confronted him about the incident the next day, he claimed that he was impotent and couldn’t have sex. After this, she filed a case but she claimed that the authorities did not investigate her case properly and wrongly assumed that she wanted to keep her identity anonymous. Ratray, on being asked about the case, had reportedly admitted to drinking that night but claimed that they did not have sex. The district attorneys of Manhattan also claimed that they are in contact with the woman but did not reveal much about the case.

Devin Ratray was charged with domestic violence back in December 2021 when his girlfriend claimed that he punched and strangled her for giving away his autograph for free. The actor was arrested and the case is still under investigation.

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