Here's Masaba's Cracker Of A Reply To Trolls

Ria Das
Oct 12, 2017 09:49 IST
Masaba Gupta

People batting for firecrackers -- despite the ban in Delhi-NCR -- showed their cheap mentality by taking potshots at designer Masaba Gupta who supported the court order. The trolls hit below the belt, calling her a "bastard child" and "illegitimate West Indian".


Celebrities have responded both positively and negatively on the cracker ban. Writer Chetan Bhagat has criticised the ban. But Masaba, known to speak her mind, now finds herself in the mudslinging by trolls.

The topic shushed up many celebrities, and some of the few even faced brickbats due to their double standards, Masaba decided to give an unbiased opinion.

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But the kickass woman that she is, Masaba gave it back to the trolls in a dignified manner.

She gracefully tweeted:

Masaba wrote, "By calling me names like 'bastard child' or 'illegitimate west Indian' it only makes my chest swell with pride. I'm the illegitimate product of two of the MOST legitimate personalities you'll find & I've made the best life, both personally and professionally... out of which I'm proud of."

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She added that these words mean nothing to her and wrote, "My legitimacy comes from the work I do & what my contribution to society has been. And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on the either of the two."

"I am a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn't know how to shrink & crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It's just in my 'illegitimate' genes," she said in the letter.

We love the feisty designer!

Feature Image Credit: India Forums

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